Recapitulation Accident

Recapitulation Marine Incident 7 until 13 February 2015

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Personnel of BAKAMLA Participate in Clearance Approval For Indonesia Territory Application Training

Indonesia Coast Guard (BAKAMLA RI) held training about the use of CAIT (Clearance Approval for Indonesia Territory) which was held in Command and Control Center room in BAKAMLA Headquarter, Sutomo Street, Central Jakarta, Thursday, February 26, 2015. This training was opened by the Head of Sub Section System Management and Information Technology BAKAMLA, Lieutenant Colonel Maritime Arief Meidyanto.

BAKAMLA Discusses The Synergy and The Effective in Handling Lawsuit at The Sea

First Coordination meeting of Law Advocacy and Maritime Law Exercise BAKAMLA RI in west maritime zone which has “Synergy and Effectivity of Maritime Case Enforcement at The Sea” as a topic officially opened on February 24, 2015 in Grand Sakura Hotel, Medan, North Sumatra. In the opening speech of the head Executive of BAKAMLA that was read by Deputy in Charge of Information, Law, and Cooperation of BAKAMLA, First Admiral Maritime Eko Susilo Hadi, SH, MH. In this speech, the main point was the success of operation needs to be in unison with law process which can be held with law advocacy that helps in suggesting, law opinion, analyzing, defending, and giving input to investigator and public prosecutor to finish the case effectively and precisely. Furthermore, that job will be carried by Law Enforcement Unit of BAKAMLA which will be formed based on Presidential Regulation Number 178 year 2014 about BAKAMLA.

Courtesy Call Chief of Republic Singapore Navy to Bakamla

Indonesia Coast Guard (BAKAMLA RI) welcomed a work visitation from the chief of Republic Singapore Navy, Rear Admiral Lai Chung Han, Tuesday (February 24,2015). The delegations of Singapore Navy are welcomed Head Executive in Charge of BAKAMLA. Vice Admiral D. A. Mamahit who was represented by the Deputy in Charge of Policy and Strategy, First Admiral Maritime Satria F. Maseo, S.H., M.M. who was accompanied by the functionaries of BAKAMLA in BAKAMLA Command and Control Center room.

Swearing Ceremony of Civil State Apparatus of BAKAMLA RI Year 2015

Indonesia Coast Guard held a swearing ceremony of civil state apparatus of BAKAMLA RI year 2015. This event was held in Multipurpose room in BAKAMLA’s headquarter Dr. Sutomo Street Number 11 Central Jakarta (February 23, 2015).

Handover The Post of Ship Patrol KN Bintang Laut 4801 Commander

Batam, February 17, 2015, West Maritime Zone held a handover the post of ship KN Bintang Laut 4801 commander ceremony from Lieutenant Colonel Maritime Libra Dian Prasetyawan NRP 14920/P to new coomander Lieutenant Colonel Maritime Syaifuddin Zuhri NRP 15441/P. This ceremony began at 10.00 a.m, attended by immigration personnel, Marine Police Polda Riau Island, Lanal BATAM, and others representative from Batam government.

Fishermen of Menganti Village Receives Life Jackets from BAKAMLA RI

Tuesday, February 17, 2015, Indonesia Coast Guard (BAKAMLA RI) held socialization about safety and security at the sea and provided life jackets and rain coats to conventional fishermen in Rawarajit auction hall, Menganti village, Kesugihan Sub district, Cilacap, Central Java. This socialization event is held to give knowledge to the fishermen about the urgency of using safety equipment at the sea which one of that is life jackets.   




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Public should be aware of fraud, especially for the maritime society to raise the awareness related to the SWINDLER’S SYNDICATE. The mode is vary and one of the example is pretending as if they are being pressed by certain OFFICIALS or OFFICERS of an institution to transfer some money to their accounts in order to be use in a case settlement. However, after it’s being tracked it turns out that the NAME and the ADDRESS are FALSE and OBVIOUSLY NOT the account of an OFFICIAL or OFFICER as it is mentioned (SYNDICATE-RED). Apparently, the transaction process occurs only between the members of the syndicate. Using the transfer notification as the proof, they make the announcement on the media to create a negative public opinion. It is assuming that this SYNDICATE wants their illegal activities run continuously in every ways and also trying to impose the authorized institutions which considered as the deterrent to perform their illegal activities in the sea.

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