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GS Belitung and KN Bintang Laut 4801 Assist the Search of the Missing Plane "Air Asia QZ 8501"

Indonesia Coast Guard (Bakamla) is deploying the Patrol Ship KN Bintang Laut 4801 to help finding the missing plane AirAsia QZ8501. The plane lost its contact suspected to be in the waters terrtory around East Belitung. KN Bintang Laut 4801 is currently on its voyage from the main base at Barelang Riau Islands (Sunday 12/28/2014).

Opinion Assembly Between Bakorkamla and 1st Committee of the House Regional Representatives

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 1st Committee of the House Regional Representatives of Indonesia (DPD RI) conducted an opinion assembly (RDP) with several government agencies to discuss the issues related to the border regions and islands management as a reference of the 1st Committee in carrying out the constitutional and as the material to follow the working Meeting in 2015.

Ministry of Transportation Supports the Formation of Bakamla

The Chief Executive of Bakorkamla “Vice Admiral Maritime Dr.D.A.Mamahit.M.Sc” conducted a courtesy call into the Ministry of Transportation at Medan Merdeka Barat Street, Central Jakarta. On that occasion, the group was directly welcomed by the Minister of Transportation Mr. Ignasius Joana accompanying by the special of Staff of Transportation between the Mirza Keumala Agency located at Gedung Karsa (19/11/2014)

Revitalization of Bakorkamla into Bakamla

Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security held a Special Coordination Meeting regarding to the final conversion of the revitalization of Bakorkamla into Bakamla. Minister of Marine and Fisheries (MKP) Susi Pudjiastuti attended the event as one of the Bakorkamla’s stakeholders.

Head I Tim Korkamla Participate Attend Sertijab Danlanal Karimun

Head of the 1st Korkamla Team Lt. Col. David Hastiadi attended the handover of the incumbency of Lanal Karimun Commander from Lt. Col. (P) Hery Winarno into Lt. Col. (P) Hariyo Purnomo. The event has been held in a series of ceremonies at Command Headquarters of Lanal Karimun on Monday, November 18th, 2014 at 08:00 am.

Life Jacket Assistance at Pulolampes Brebes

The socialization of maritime security and safety for the fishermen is remain continue by Bakorkamla. Thus, it was held at PPI Pulolampes Brebes Profinsi Central Java. About 150 units of life jacket and 75 pieces of Raincoat were distributed to a number of fishermen in the surrounding environment of the PPI Pulolampes, Thursday, November 13, 2014.




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Public should be aware of fraud, especially for the maritime society to raise the awareness related to the SWINDLER’S SYNDICATE. The mode is vary and one of the example is pretending as if they are being pressed by certain OFFICIALS or OFFICERS of an institution to transfer some money to their accounts in order to be use in a case settlement. However, after it’s being tracked it turns out that the NAME and the ADDRESS are FALSE and OBVIOUSLY NOT the account of an OFFICIAL or OFFICER as it is mentioned (SYNDICATE-RED). Apparently, the transaction process occurs only between the members of the syndicate. Using the transfer notification as the proof, they make the announcement on the media to create a negative public opinion. It is assuming that this SYNDICATE wants their illegal activities run continuously in every ways and also trying to impose the authorized institutions which considered as the deterrent to perform their illegal activities in the sea.

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