Recapitulation Accident

Recapitulation Marine Incident May 2 until 8, 2015

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Courtesy Call for BAKAMLA to Indonesia Embassy in Manila

Along with the end of the event HACGAM 11th, before returning to Indonesia on May 5, 2015, the delegation Bakamla do courtesy call to the Embassy in Manila. Plt. Bakamla head, Laksdya TNI Dr. DA Mamahit, MSc, accompanied by delegations, namely Laksma Maritime Satria F. Maseo, SH, MH, Laksma TNI Pranyoto, Captain Teddy Maynard, Commissioner Suryanto, Retno Windari, SH, MSi and Lieutenant Maritime Ayu Month Tisna, SH, MSi. Accompanied by Defence Attaché, Col. Supardi sea and the staff of the Embassy Manila, Ambassador to the Philippines, Lt. Gen. (ret) Johny J. Lumintang pleased to accept delegations in Complex Embassy in Manila is located in Makati City, Manila.

Delegation of Bakamla Attend 11th HACGAM in Manila, Filipina

Forum of Asian coast guard was initiated by the Japan Coast Guard, once again held annual meeting, namely the High Level Meeting on the Head of Coast Guard Meeting - 11 (HACGAM). This year Manila hosted implementation, the Philippine Coast Guard as the leading sector in the implementation of these activities. HACGAM to - 11 took place on 4-6 May 2015, at the New World Manila Hotel in Manila Bay, Manila. This event was attended by delegates from 18 countries, namely Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Brunnei Darussalam, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

Fishermen of Panyaungan, Lebak Banten Receives Life Jackets and Rain Coats from BAKAMLA

Socialization and Distribution Life Jackets to traditional fishermen was carried out by Indonesian Coast Guard (Bakamla RI) in the village of PPI Panyaungan Ciparahu the District. Cihara Lebak Banten, Thursday, May 7, 2015. In the socialization, Bakamla donated 150 units of life jacket and 75 units of raincoat.

Bakamla Presents “Enhancing Capacity Building and Regional Networking in Maritime Safety & Security Cooperation” in Durban, Afrika Selatan

South Africa. 4 - May 5, 2015, at Coastland Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa, has organized The First IORA Blue Economy Core Group Workshop on Promoting Fisheries And Aquaculture and Maritime Safety and Security Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region. The meeting was attended by almost all members of IORA, hosts South Africa as well as representatives of the Secretariat of IORA in Mauritius. Indonesian delegation at the meeting was led by Ambassador to South Africa, Suprapto Martosetomo with members officials / staff of the Directorate General for Asia Pacific and Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,, LIPI and Indonesia Coast Guard (Bakamla).

BAKAMLA Arrests 3 Philippine's Illegal Fishing Ship

Indonesia Coast Guard (Bakamla) captured three foreign fishing vessels from Philippines and two Indonesian fishing boats in the waters of North Sulawesi, in Operation Nusantara IV, on May 3, 2015 yesterday. The ships was arrested by Patrol Boats Bakamla RI, KN 4802 Singa Laut led by Lt. Col. Agus Tri Maritime Ariyanto. The vessels was escorted to Bitung PSDKP Base for further legal proceedings. The vessels were without the necessary travel documents and valid visas.

Fishermen of Village Bondo, Jepara Receives Life Jackets and Rain Coats from BAKAMLA

Indonesia Coast Guard (Bakamla RI) held a socialization of safety at sea and Distribution Life Jacket for Traditional Fishermen Jepara, Thursday, April 30, 2015. The event was held in the village of Bondo Bondo PPI Bangsri District of Jepara, attended by 32 traditional fishermen. In this socialization, Bakamla, donated 150 units life jackets and 75 units raincoat.




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Public should be aware of fraud, especially for the maritime society to raise the awareness related to the SWINDLER’S SYNDICATE. The mode is vary and one of the example is pretending as if they are being pressed by certain OFFICIALS or OFFICERS of an institution to transfer some money to their accounts in order to be use in a case settlement. However, after it’s being tracked it turns out that the NAME and the ADDRESS are FALSE and OBVIOUSLY NOT the account of an OFFICIAL or OFFICER as it is mentioned (SYNDICATE-RED). Apparently, the transaction process occurs only between the members of the syndicate. Using the transfer notification as the proof, they make the announcement on the media to create a negative public opinion. It is assuming that this SYNDICATE wants their illegal activities run continuously in every ways and also trying to impose the authorized institutions which considered as the deterrent to perform their illegal activities in the sea.

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