Agreement Between IMSCB and DKI Provincial Governments

Friday, July 11, 2014. Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board and the government of Jakarta established cooperation in the form of building management that owned by the government which in the future will be used by IMSCB as its minor office. The governor in charge “Ir Basuki T. Purnama” arrived at IMSCB’s office and was welcomed by the Chief Executive of IMSCB “Vice Admiral Maritime Dr. D. A. Mamahit, M. Sc” accompanied by the IMSCB’s Executive Secretary and the Center Leader.



Farewell Ceremony of IRCC's Team

Friday, July 11 2014, Head of the Center Policy Preparation “First Admiral Maritime Drs. Satria Firdaus Maseo, S. H., M. M” led the farewell ceremony of Indonesia Raksamahiva Camudresu Choir (IRCC) which sooner would attend the 8th World Choir Games at Riga, Latvia on 12 – 21 July 2014. The ceremony was followed by the entire IMSCB’s official. Furthermore, he stressed that the participation of IRCC’s team in the World event was a struggle to bring a good reputation to the Institution and Indonesia. “A prayer should be put in every struggle because it contained 3 dimensions which are the weapon, fortress, and the key of our life” said the First Admiral.



"Bukber" in IMSCB Headquarter

Thursday (10/07/2014). IMSCB held the event of “BUKBER” that opened by the speech from the IMSCB’s Chief Executive “Vice Admiral Dr. D.A. Mamahit, M.Sc”. Presented on the event were all the officers and personnel of IMSCB. On this occasion, the chief advised that all the personnel who run the fasting should improve their religious service as it shown by Rasulallah SAW and appreciated those who didn’t by given their tolerance.



Ramadhan's Bazaar in IMSCB

The Chief Executive of IMSCB opened the Ramadan’s bazaar on Thursday, July 10 2014. Thus, the event was filled with 19 booths which managed by the IMSCB’s personnel and Dharmawanita. Also, presented on the event were the Executive Secretary, Center Leaders and Consultants of IMSCB.



46th Captain and Crew Refreshment of Patrol Ship

The Chief Executive of Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board “Vice Admiral Dr.D.A. Mamahit, M.Sc officially opened the “46th Captain and Crew Refreshment of Patrol Ship” in Makassar on July 06 2014. Thus, the event was attended by the captain, pilot, investigator and the Staff of Unit who involved on the operation conducted by IMSCB and its stakeholder.



Motivation for the IRCC's Team

IMSCB’s choir “Indonesia Racksamahiva Camudresu Choir (IRCC)” would attend the 8th World Choir Games at Riga, Latvia on July 2014. Thus, the choir always perform an extra training in the past 6 months. In addition, the Chief of IMSCB suggested that “all the members of choir should maintained and strengthen their mental especially for the world event”. Also, he expected that the choir could defend the good reputation of the government and state institution.


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