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Bakorkamla’s Personnel attended the Radar Examination at Popunas Kohanudnas.


Monday, 15 July 2013 Lieutenant Colonel Pnb Jhonny Sumaryana welcomed the Bakorkamla’s team led by Maritime Colonel L. Sianipar accompanied by Maritime Lieutenant Colonel Eko P. Laksana as the head of the center information process sub division, also, the members of the team which consisted of 4 Maritime Second Lieutenant Donny Nova. R, Insan Aulia, Angga Heryana, Khaerunnufus, Chief Sergeant M. Yamin and Dekster Manunggal S.Pd. at the command centre Kohanudnas. The examination about VSAT was conducted on Monday to Friday at 08.00 AM – 15.00 PM located at centre command Kohanudnas.


Furthermore, the material conveyed in the coaching such as the introduction of the computer basic which explained by Major Lek Joko Dwi. M, also, the information about radar system ‘Very Small Aperture Terminal’ and the mechanism of the radar position in Indonesia. Additionally, the identification about Thales (France) as the ‘Primary Surveillance Radar’ and TDAS (Indonesia) ‘Secondary Surveillance Radar’ was explained by Captain Lek Adhi Sudibyo, and the information about ‘military civil centre’ (MCC) which also conducted by Major Lek Joko Dwi. M.

Moreover, accompanied by Captain Lek Tri Erowati the team was given a chance to observe the Command Centre at Kohanudnas. The team was given an explanation about ‘command, control, communication and information’ (K3i) which contained about the stream of the information, also, some information about Active Hanud and Pasive Hanud.

Nevertheless, this training aimed to give some knowledge to the personnel participated in APEC especially to secure the maritime area. Also, it was intended to develop the analyzing ability and the reaction of the Bakorkamla’s personnel on the maritime surveillance. Finally, the training ended on Friday, 19 July 2013.

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